Our History

Through our history we learned to proactively identify high quality, well-located properties across supply constrained markets in different economic cycles. Through the acquisition of commercial assets we have consistently generated attractive risk-adjusted returns and expanded our clients' portfolios.

Midtown Capital was founded in 2010 in Miami, Florida, during the 2008 financial crisis. By leveraging the founders in the real estate industryand private banking, Alexander Saieh and Alejandro Velez identified the need to structure tailor-made real estate portfolios with an innovative investment process based on transparency.

Our values

We build solid, long-term relationships based on trust and respect for our investors, financial institutions, suppliers, tenants and governmental authorities



Transparency and visibility of property due diligence, clear free structure, and strong corporate governance.


Efficient and effective operation for maximum results.

Orientation to results:

A sequence of carefully planned and executed actions leading to the expected result.


Reporting and accountability on an ongoing basis.


Absolute respect and protection for the personal and financial information of our investors.


A commitment to our investors and investment discipline backed with our own capital.

The United States

 The most important real estate investment market in the world, offering investors the strongest legal, tax, and macroeconomic stability.

"With the growth of alternative investments over the past few years, real estate has become of great importance in investors' portfolios. The U.S. market is the largest by transaction volume, the most liquid and deeper in the world. Its mortgage market is the most sophisticated and competitive. Any real estate investor should have a significant allocation to this market."

Alejandro Vélez – Founding Partner

We have presence in core Sunbelt markets that have population and employment growth rates above the national average and that benefit from internal migration trends within the country, which were already underway prior to the pandemic and have accelerated since then. We focus on strategic locations within these markets with superior demographics and excellent connectivity.



Since 2017 our operation in Spain has focused on managing Value Add and Opportunistic investment portfolios, taking advantage of local market conditions whilst providing investment returns in a foreign currency to our investors.

Leveraging the track record of Midtown Capital Partners  in the United States since 2010, it was only natural for the company to cross the Atlantic and establish operations in Madrid in 2017. Over the past few years, we have built an extensive network of lenders, brokers, and service providers. In July 2018, we launched our first private real estate fund with a focus on Spain, which is expected to liquidate in 2023.